Do you:

  • ride bikes,
  • dig music,
  • crave adventure, and
  • want to change the world (or just yourself)?

Are you:

  • tough,
  • lovely to be around 90% of the time,
  • comfortable with tumult and uncertainty, and
  • talented?

We’re currently looking for:

  • experienced bike mechanic
  • experienced electronic fixit maestro
  • acupuncturist/deep tissue masseuse/naturopath/homeopath/MD
  • pro photographer

Maybe you’d like to join us on a tour sometime, or maybe you’d like to help organize or volunteer for a bicycle music festival in your town. We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a crafty line or check out specific opportunities for your town (if it’s highlighted):

EugenePortlandSeattleVancouver – Burning Man – Guadalajara – Mexico City – Puebla – Oaxaca


Roll With the BMF! It’s easy to get involved… Here are some great ways to be part of the action:

PR BMF Tour Poster

PR BMF Tour Poster

Street Team! 1. Help pass out fliers to spread the word about BMF! Email Us to find out where to pick up postcards and posters. Or download a PDF of this amazing poster and print it out yourself.

2. Add the BMF tour poster or logo to your website or blog.

3. Follow us on Twitter and grab your bros and sisses. We’ll be updating throughout the tour to let everyone know where we are en route. Tell your bike and music heads to sign up on Twitter and follow BMF around the city!

4. Ride and sing and revolt and dream!

Festival Volunteers! We need lots of help! It’s going to be a day of fun in the sun with a rowdy mix of touring and local groups getting the crowd riled up about Bike Power and Sustainable Music. Won’t you join on in?

Calling All Community Organizations

Collaborate with us! Do you have a cool community activity that we can tie-in to the BMF like a farm workday, social activity that you and your friends are organizing, or want to table for your non-profit organization at the BMF? Let’s do it!

Sponsor BMF

BMF is made possible by the support of audiences and some wonderful local individuals and businesses. We encourage support via cash or in-kind materials/services to help support your local Bicycle Music Festival. Contact us and we’ll be in touch! Current contributors are:


Rock The Bike - logo yuba

mafink_logo momentum-logo-with-subtitle-blue

Scouting Locations

Please let us know if you’ve found an awesome spot for a future pedal-powered concert.


If your city doesn’t have a list of performers yet, there might be room for your band or your favorite band. Send us to your myspace, sonicbids, or website. All genres welcome to apply. You needn’t be a regular bike rider, but you do need to be willing to show up to your gig by bike! Chances are that someone in the community can help you shlep your gear if you don’t have a load-carrying rig.

8 comments to “get involved!”

  1. If would be interested if you would be going to Mexico again! I live in San Diego and have family (musicians) close to the volcano “popocatepetl”.

  2. Hey Don, thanks for writing. We’re definitely going to go to Mexico again, and again, and again! We’ll be heading down this winter, and our route actually takes us across the flanks of popocatepetl. We would love to meet your family. How do we contact them?

  3. hey guy’s great concept, hope you make it, how about a button somewhere on the home page that says “click here to donate”. i still have yet to find where it is i have to go to get you guys some green!!
    love love love

  4. Hey yall! greetings from Maine! Love what you do. We too have been trying to do our part in off grid music up here. I would be interested in helping out and offering my services to you. shoot me a line sometime! Keep going!~ best- Ed

  5. There is a route you can follow in Mexico called PUEBLOS MAGICOS (MAGICAL TOWNS) great little towns, mostly colonial, full of nice people. I’m actually living in one of them.

    I’m a professional musician singer/songwriter , paramedic, and i really love adventure.

    Interested? Please reply.

    Juan Carlos Bidault!!!

  6. Hi people, I met some of you at the Gaia Festival. Currently I am organizing an event for either Oct. 14, 20 or 21 in downtown Santa Rosa. I am waiting to find out from the Rock the Bike people when they are available. Then depending on their availability I will get the permit and insurance.
    Prop. 34 people are on board to supply advertizing and speakers. Do you all think you could perform and if so how much do you charge for an afternoon gig of about two hours?
    I also can supply a place to camp for your group on my place if need be.
    I have been listening to your music ever since Gaia…inspiring!

  7. Hi Claire, so sorry to miss this invite. Hope we get another sometime. Have a blessed new year!

  8. love the sounds and rhythms!

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