Vancouver Bicycle Music Festival

August 29, 2009

Vancouver Bicycle Music Festival

This one day event is guaranteed to the be best party for bicycles in Vancouver this summer!


New Brighton Park: 10:30am – 12:30pm (early morning yoga class starts at 9:30am)

Crab Park: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Vancouver Museum: 5:30pm – 10:00pm

There’ll be a beer garden and food at the Vancouver Museum and for anyone who has not yet visited the Velo-City exhibit, the Museum is staying open until 10pm for the party and all festival goers can see the beautiful bike exhibit for 50% off the regular ticket price!

This festival is being organized on a volunteer basis, and we really need your help to make it happen. Please please please email smartymaddypants(AT) if you want to volunteer.


1. Donation Fairies

2. Crowd Control at the Vancouver Museum

3. Set up and clean up crew

4. Homes/ place to camp for 14 visiting musicians for Friday/ Saturday and Sunday nights

And finally, ALL of the performers are volunteering for the festival too – this is a busking-style festival – so please bring a pocket full of change so you can show all of the awesome performers your support.

Ginger Ninjas
Bear Dyken
Little J
Stitch Craft
Creaking Planks
Aunts and Uncles
Cello Joe

Don’t forget money for the beer garden and for food.

Good times ahead!

Join the Ginger Ninjas on Sunday, August 30 from 2-4pm at the Vancouver Museum for a slide show presentation of the Pleasant Revolutionary Tour! Donations gratefully accepted (and help make the whole tour possible)

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