You can also see more fragments and different trailers of the film on the Kickstarter page. Other goodies on Los Ginger Ninjas Rodando Mexico FB.

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  2. [...] Para ver el trailer de la película: [...]

  3. Found this by randomly googling “ginger ninja” since I have read hair…. I’m blown away! I’d like to be notified when the film releases! The text below the video says to sign up but it isn’t a link and I don’t see how to sign up… Forgive me if if I missed the obvious but could you please add me to the list? Thanks!

  4. Hey Nathan, always stoked to blow away! Thanks! and happy new year. I’m not sure why the link didn’t show for you, but I’ve added you (though you still have to confirm). The film is now showing in festivals. I’ll get the schedule up here soon. In the meantime, there’s usually more active news on the FB page:éxico/197413150360957
    hope to see you out there, Ninja!

  5. The DC Independent Film Festival is thrilled to be screening this film in Washington DC, March 6th. This coincides with the League of American Cyclists National Bike Summit in the nation’s capital. So a great event of film, bikes and music.

    Spread the word and Kipchoge any chance we might see you and hear you and your music here?/

  6. met you all, at my friends (john & val.) anniversary party, a few years back. Still really appreciate your cause & especially your music. seem to recall that singer of yours promised me a free cd when we talked on the bus. so how about lets make a deal on your cd’s. you all are great & very special. let me be a big fan!

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