Sergio Morkin, Director and Executive Producer

Sergio Morkin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1992 he finished his studies in filmmaking. He specialized in film and drama direction with recognized professors such as Ricardo Bartis, Lorenzo Quinteros, and Pompeyo Audivert. From 1993–96 he worked as a professor, cameraman and direction assistant in several feature films and documentaries. In 1999 he began work on the documentary “Oscar”. He was invited to a producers meeting in Marseille, France, by the Argentinean Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present the work-in-progress. He received funding to complete the film from institutions in Spain, Canada and Argentina. Acting as director, screenwriter and cameraman, he completed the award-winning film in 2004. Currently Mr. Morkin lives in Mexico, where he teaches between film projects.

Mauricio Medrano Castrillón, Production Coordinator

Mauricio Medrano Castrillón has a Bachelors degree in Communication Sciences from ITESO (Guadalajara) and a Masters Degree in Digital Arts from the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Mr. Medrano Castrillón runs his own production company, Saurio Films, where he develops documentaries, TV spots and TV cultural programs. Currently he is producing a television documentary series “Una Altra Casa” (another home) supported by the Catalonian government.  He has worked as a producer in several documentaries, including San Marcos 180 years, Apparat Band, and Sesiones Constante. He also works as a professor at the Centro Audiovisual in Guadalajara.

Oscar de Anda Jiménez

He studied Communication Sciences at ITESO and has completed studies in Digital Animation and Mass Media Communication. Mr. Anda Jiménez has worked on the documentary Ch’ulel / Poesia audiovisual in Chiapas, Mexico and as an Assistant Director in the Feature Fiction Film Angel Caido. He also has experience in direction and editing of music videos.

Erick Ruiz Arellano, Sound

He holds a degree as Sound System Engineer by Wagner Professional and Bachelors in Communication Sciences by the Jesuit University in Guadalajara, ITESO. Mr. Ruiz Arellano has also completed several specialization diplomas including: music for films, computer and recording, recording and editing digital audio, and sound art, among others. He has worked both in film and advertising. His most recent work was the documentary El último guión: Buñuel en la memoria directed by Gaizka Urresti and Javier Espada. Some of the films he has participated in are: Como no te voy a querer (Víctor Avelar), Kilómetro 31 (Rigoberto Castañeda), Más tiempo que vida (Alfonso Suárez), Señas Particulares (Kenya Márquez), Desierto Adentro (Rodrigo Plá), De Ángeles Flores y Fuentes (Francisco Rodríguez). He also develops commercials and corporate videos.

Jose Villalobos Romero

He has a degree in Audiovisual Media Art from the Centro de Medios Audiovisuales, and studied motion graphics at the Centro Universitario de Arte, Animación y Multimedia. He specialized in Digital Arts at HfBK in Hamburg, Germany.  Mr. Villalobos Romero has worked on several documentaries: La cámara de los secretos, Señor madera, El chino, Tatuutsi Maxaraxuari, among others. He also has experience in visual effects for concerts and music videos, working for music groups like Make up and Afro Brothers.

Mario Martínez Cobos

Conducted Cinematographic studies specialized in film directing and sound design at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) in Mexico City. He has worked as a professor at the Film School in the University of Guadalajara. He was awarded with the “Ariel” prize for best sound design in a feature film for Crime of Father Amaro. Filmograpy: When things happen (Antonio Pelaez), Angeles Flores y Fuentes (Rodolfo Guzman), Desierto Adentro (Rodrigo Plá), KM 31 (Rigoberto Castañeda), 1973 (Antonino Isrodia), Cronicas (Sebastian Cordero), Passion of Maria Elena (Mercedes Moncada), Crime of Father Amaro (Carlos Carrera) and Under California: The limit of time (Carlos Bolado) among others.

Kipchoge Spencer, Executive Producer

Kipchoge Spencer practices social entrepreneurialism as lifestyle, where work equals play equals message. In 2007, he launched the first Pleasant Revolution, a 7-month-long self-supported bicycling rock and roll tour with his band, the Ginger Ninjas, to and through Mexico. Under his leadership, the group showed that it’s possible for a whole band to travel and play internationally with a negligible environmental footprint. The journey was both the pursuit of an adventurer’s dream and the culmination of a decade of work in the field: After graduating from Stanford (BS, Earth Systems) under the guidance of renowned climatologist Stephen Schneider, Kipchoge worked for Amory Lovins at the Rocky Mountain Institute, Lovins’ think-tank specializing in harnessing the market to address environmental and social problems. He went on to co-found Xtracycle, a company that’s now changing the bicycle industry, and Worldbike, a non-profit that works to bring load-carrying bikes to people who need them most but can least afford them. Throughout this period, he was leading international whitewater trips for Bio Bio Expeditions and pursuing his musical career. As lead singer of the Ginger Ninjas, he creates a unique alt-folk-rock sound that has captivated hip-hoppers, rednecks, and hippies in a single song, in small bars and large festivals around the country, and now in plazas throughout Mexico and Central America. He continues to work from within and outside mainstream American culture to change attitudes about biking, and he and his work have been featured by MTV, Outside Magazine, the NY Times, the WSJ, NPR, Utne Reader, Yes Magazine, and Dirt Rag. When not riding, Kipchoge lives without a car in an off-grid, off-road, solar-powered 10′x12′ cabin in the woods of Northern California.

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