Dick Cheney

The band starts a nationwide grassroots campaign to give Dick Cheney all the love he needs. Witness the fallout. Get your button and join the strangest love-in ever.

Reckon I Do

Live show in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico, March 2008 with photos from the tour. This is a song Kipchoge wrote for his dad on the occasion of dad’s wedding in 1997. This was a pirate show in the plaza the Ninjas did right after a huge mariachi concert on Sunday night. The show (but not the song) was interrupted by fireworks over the cathedral.

Get the Single (acoustic version)

Journey from home to Guadalajara 2009

We took off from North San Juan, CA in the early morning of Jan 11, en route to Guadalajara by bike and bus, via Hwy 49, Sun Sound Studios, and the sweet bike path along the Sacramento River and the parking lot in Sac where Tres Estrellas del Oro picks up. (click lower right corner for slideshow or elsewhere to see the whole album)


A video of the paseo nocturno, from our roots bike rebel hermanos at Bici 10

Arriving at night in Guadalajara we packed up and met our good friend Chava and started our first ride in Mexico for the 2009 tour. Since then we’ve been busy! The Ginger Ninjas first had an interview with the University of Guadalajara radio station. Next, there was a gig at a Hurana, a traditional party, where the men play and sing while the women dance. For many on the trip this was a new and really special experience with great people, music, and furious dancing. The Ninjas played at the Plaza Revolucion on Sunday, when the city of Guadalajara closes Read the whole post

Plaza Revolucion

Arrival in Guadalajara

Short sweet vid of mexico trip

We spent some fun and frustrating times putting this little 3-minute vid together. Let’s just say that after the 1000th edit, iMovie can get a little flaky. Dig.

The Journey in 3 minutes

Brock put together this vid of the 5 month experience to date.