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Pleasant Revolution Sampler

THE GINGER NINJAS: Pleasant Revolution Sampler

This is the Ninjas’ first studio release since “where the rubber meets the road” (WTRMTR). It’s a collection of songs recorded both before and after Eco brought her magic to the band. “Dick Cheney” and “Bird Fly, Bird Fall” (a rework of the song “dreams” from WTRMTR) were recorded at Parasight Studios in Nevada City, CA in 2004. Kipchoge, Hayes Burris, and Isaac James (who plays drums on the whole EP and sings soul on Dick Cheney) were the original Ginger Ninjas, and they laid down these two tracks after a summer tour of Alaska with producer, singer, mad dancer, and multi-instrumentalist Borrina Mapaka. Mapaka sings (the crazy African parts are especially worth listening for), plays some guitar and produced these songs, along with “Stuck on Earth” and “Total Believer.” Bodhi Busick lent his axe skills to “Bird Fly” (listen for the classical arpeggio after the bridge), and engineer Michael Logue plays the solos on “Stuck on Earth.” The teaser of “the Tide” is just that, a short segment of an enchanting song that frustrates the listener into wanting more, not by design but just because we have yet to record the entire song. That’s Eco, solo. “Liberate Your Mind” was recorded and produced in Uruguay by a DJ friend of Eco (gracias Ian! his site: ouzomusic.com).

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

KIPCHOGE AND THE GINGER NINJAS: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

If you were in charge of Earth, could you fix it? Would you make love to Venus? The planet? What if your lover started the whole world on fire? What if Winnie the Poo was gay? Have you ever lived off bottle deposits, or wondered why easy is supposed to be good for you and hard is to be avoided? Or wondered what the hell a peace march is going to accomplish or how a whole band of Wookies would sound?

Have you ever heard an album that was so outlandish you could call it fantasy, so funny you’re sure they were high, and so close to home it put your heart in a knot? All at the same time? Backed by a groove that lightly melts you further into your chair with each listen?

When the three Ginger Ninjas set out to document their songs, they unwittingly began asking and answering these questions themselves. Propelled by the mixture of Hayes’ hardcore bass, Isaac’s outside funk drums and West African percussion, and Kipchoge’s sing-song acoustic guitar, the trio settled into a fusion that they soon named “mind shaking love groove folkfunk roots explosive mountain music for a pleasant revolution.”

The music on Where the Rubber Meets the Road dances behind the words, inviting the listener to enter the mysterious land where revolutions are fought and won with fierce devotion to self exploration and under the careful watch of Yoda.

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  3. Hey my friends and I (born and raised in nevada city) are making a bouldering film on the south yuba river and are looking for local music. I volunteered at your rig at the film festival a couple weekends ago. which album do you feel would be best for bouldering and would we be able to use it in our video? we would credit the band of course.

  4. Hey Sean,
    Sorry for the extraordinarily long time to reply. I guess it’d depend on the vibe of the movie. The song “Stuck on Earth” could be good for uptempo scenes. “Cry me a River” from Golden Bubble is more mellow and smooth like the rocks.

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