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Going ‘Green’ is a wild ride with the Ginger Ninjas as they launch world tour, by bicycle

For Immediate Release 1/1/09
Contact: Kipchoge Spencer,

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Press Release

Band is Taking a 5,000 Mile Human Powered Concert Tour

For Immediate Release, November 1, 2007

You may not have heard of the Ginger Ninjas, but by the time the Pleasant Revolution is over, they are sure to have plenty of new fans from northern California all the way to Southern Mexico. That’s because they are embarking on what they call “The Pleasant Revolution,” a 5,000 mile human powered trip. Traveling by bike and foot, they will carry their instruments with them while biking and walking the trek from northern California to Mexico, while many photographers, journalists, and fellow road warriors also bike with them as they are there for the entire journey. There isn’t even a van of equipment: they’re carrying everything. Read the whole post