Cool Eco Interview

Eco tells a coupla sweet stories from Mexico 1 tour, including the first time she got scared (which happened to be the first time I did, too. She also explains her exodus.

Press from Mexico Tour Uno


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The Eugene Register-Guard

Cycle-powered band lives its message.

Byline: Serena Markstrom 

MCKENZIE BRIDGE – As they had so many times before, three Ginger Ninjas last weekend loaded speakers, drums, guitar, keyboard, bass and other gear onto their bicycles. And pedaled to their next performance.

The band has been lying low up the McKenzie River, staying at a cabin in the woods, rehearsing, booking a tour and getting some much-needed rest. They also took time to schedule a couple of local shows before it’s time to join crew members and gear up to play both the Democratic and Republican national conventions, among other upcoming shows.

Band founder, songwriter and guitarist Kipchoge Spencer grew up on the McKenzie River about an hour outside of Eugene, the son of a logger-turned-carpenter and a social worker-turned-poet. The band is staying close by at a friend’s second home in exchange for doing some yard work. Read the whole post

Press Release

Going ‘Green’ is a wild ride with the Ginger Ninjas as they launch world tour, by bicycle

For Immediate Release 1/1/09
Contact: Kipchoge Spencer,

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Stanford Magazine Article

A great writer came down to ride with us last January. Here’s what he wrote:

“Kipchoge Spencer was somewhere in Mexico, and so was I. We had that going for us. But other than knowing that Spencer and his rock band, the Ginger Ninjas, were riding bicycles across the state of Jalisco, I was clueless, and attempts to learn more—text messages sent, blogs scrutinized, a publicist interrogated by cell phone—hadn’t produced any concrete leads. I hired a taxi in Guadalajara. The driver took me four hours west to the town of Mascota. No Ninjas. I reached for my phone once again and then had a better idea: rolling down the taxi window, I waved to a passerby. “¿Visto usted los gringos en bicicletas?” I asked. “Si,” he responded, pointing straight ahead. Two minutes later I was shaking hands with Spencer.”

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Meretrices Literary Magazine Review

By Arturo Garcia (translation by Jeannine Caubarrere)

CHAPALA, JALISCO. The rock group Ginger Ninjas is passing through Lake Chapala on a 5,000 mile journey from the Sierras of Northern California to the jungles of Chiapas, visiting our entire country and giving hundreds of shows along the way with their bike powered energy source. Yesterday, Saturday February 16th, this activist/pacifist band gave a free concert at the Fuente de los Pescadores del Malecon (Fishermen’s Fountain at the Pier). The Director of the Cultural Office of the Municipality of Chapala, Sergio Unzueta, in coordination with the Office of Culture of the State of Jalisco, introduced the band within the framework of the “Chapala Vivo” festival.

The Gig

The afternoon air is clean. The pier proudly boasts its new glittering stone pavement. In spite of its polluted green color, the lake seems closer to us. Its waters now bathe the sandy beach which, for those of us who grew up along its shores, used to symbolize the vast enclave of conformity. In the distance, a sailing boat is having a love affair with the waves dancing to the rhythm of the music coming from Fishermen’s Fountain. The sun is setting, and when it finally hides a magnificent palette of colors and golden shades opens before our eyes. This afternoon, lake Chapala is more alive than ever. There is a spark of life that bursts from the palm trees and the willows that flank the Fountain . The three North American Flags are waving with the breeze flowing through the material souls of the cello, the drums, the microphones, the speakers and the bicycles that surround us. Peace reigns. The relaxed spectators take their places close to the band members which are now starting to warm up their bicycles and their instruments. And there I am with my two sons, right in front of the stage, waiting to hear what would be one of the best concerts of my life. Read the whole post

Revista Literaria Meretrices

Por Arturo García

CHAPALA, JAL.  La agrupación musical, Ginger Ninjas se encuentra de paso por la Ribera del Lago Chapala en su trayectoria hacia Chiapas, en lo que será una travesía de más de 8,000 Km. a lo largo del país y un centenar de tocadas generadas por el pedaleo de sus bicicletas; desde la Sierra de California hasta la jungla de Chiapas.  Ayer, sábado, 16 de febrero, el grupo musical pacifista/activista se presentó en la Fuente de los Pescadores del Malecón, donde dio un concierto abierto al público.  Sergio Unzueta, director del departamento de Cultura del Municipio de Chapala, en marco del festival “Chapala Vivo”,  tuvo a bien presentar al grupo en coordinación con la dirección de Cultura del Estado.

The Gig

La tarde es limpia.  El malecón de Chapala luce su nuevo traje de adoquín plateado.  El lago, aunque verdoso por la contaminación, está cerca.  Read the whole post

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