A video of the paseo nocturno, from our roots bike rebel hermanos at Bici 10

Arriving at night in Guadalajara we packed up and met our good friend Chava and started our first ride in Mexico for the 2009 tour. Since then we’ve been busy! The Ginger Ninjas first had an interview with the University of Guadalajara radio station. Next, there was a gig at a Hurana, a traditional party, where the men play and sing while the women dance. For many on the trip this was a new and really special experience with great people, music, and furious dancing. The Ninjas played at the Plaza Revolucion on Sunday, when the city of Guadalajara closes (more…)

Plaza Revolucion

Arrival in Guadalajara

Dante in DF


I have been in Mexico City for 3 months. I lost my Bike and everything in Puerto Escondido.

Totally Total Total Totally every thing. I decided not to let it keep me back.

So when the band left, I stayed in mexico working with the people here to build and sell pedal power generators.

I now have many projects going on here with people in Mexico.

One project is for the biggest pedal power show in the world. 500 bike generators.

Pedal power devices for the pre-Hispanic people of Mexico.

An dance stage that produces power for lights to a disco, while they dance.

I want to tell you all about what is going on, but these projects are  the first stage.

When things are more concrete I plan to share more of the story.

Thank you for all your hopes and dreams.


CD Back Cover in Spanish

CD Back Cover

This was edit from the original into spanish

by Dante, Andrea, and Chava in Morelia.

The Present Revolution

I wanted to be a part of the pleasant revolution from the start. I had tried to ride the first day of the tour to Nevada city, hoping that this would satisfy my craving for adventure. I never made it. It would not be until two months later that I would take my first pedal on the pleasant revolution. (more…)

Dante’s Adventure

Life is my adventure. This is my life. When I took on this project, to build and maintain 4 bicycle generators for the pleasant revolution tour, I took it on as a way of life. To travel and live off my bike. I love the Ginger Ninjas. They have made this possible. So I am now a Traveling Pedal Power Engineer.

Pleasant Travels Dante

Playing Shows With or Without Pedal Power

In Morelia we went to a club to play a gig. They have all their big sound equipment set up for us to plug in. It was a big place and the equipment looked good. So we did not use the bikes. I sat outside trying to figure out what to do with the bikes. People come to our shows to see the bikes work. How can I demonstrate that? (more…)


We rode our bikes from the butterfly preserve to Angangeo, past and through hundreds of butterflies. I would just stop and stare at them i was in such amazement. Here is a shot of Chava riding with the butterflies down into the city. It was magical. I would just drift off watching them….

Brock’s Action Spectacular

Howdy Gang! While in Guadalajara I decided to make a video that shows a side of the Pleasant Revolution that has yet to be seen on the internet, ACTION! And trust me there is a lot of action on the PR. So anyhoo, sit back, grab a snack and/or cerveza, and enjoy the pelicula (Movie for you gringos and gringas).

Mucho Besos, Brock