Alive and Kickin’

If you took action on this web site as an indicator of what the ninjas are shenanigannin, you’d probably write us off as disbanded or dead. But we aint! We’re still pedaling the planet, just having a hard time keeping all the facebonks, pleasant revolutions, myspaces, gmails, twatters, and binkledonks duly attended. Believe it or not, we also recorded a new album 5 months ago that we haven’t even had time to make public (it’s called Golden Bubble and will be available here within the month, I promise on my last piece of candied ginger). Here’s our schedule for the summer and fall in europe. For now, if you want actual “news” as in “new,” go to Pleasant Revolution and git yer fill.

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  1. That’s great news!, Kipchoge. Looking forward to hearing the new tunes.

    - Ben
    Alive (and Pedaling) to Save the Planet

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