Tour Finale Saturday on the Yuba

Rolling home, back to the rio, the Ninjas and fellow pleasant revolutionaries wind our way down to bridgeport this saturday afternoon to celebrate the end of the banging northwest tour.

With Bear Dyken, Somer Moon, Stitchcraft, Obo Martin, and local river songster Jeffrey Wanzer Dupra. I think we’ve been underselling the quality of the acts on this tour. This is a world-class mini-music festival on two wheels. If you love original music from great songwriters, mosey down, yo.

2:30-6pm, Saturday September 19th. Bridgeport.

This is the afterparty for the South Yuba River Cleanup, a lovely yearly event that we hope you do! You have to sign up to clean up.

As ever, we invite you to ride, walk, crawl, hitch, or teleport in. Join us for a kicking dance party after in NSJ.

4 comments to “Tour Finale Saturday on the Yuba

  1. Thank you thank you thank you for touring. Thank you thank you thank you for letting me tag along that first time down south. I’ll be back one day. I’ll be back.

  2. Great set at Bridgeport on the Yuba River. I would love to see you guys again. What a great day that was. Thanks a million, Andrew

  3. hey ginger ninjas thank you for doing what you do lovely lovely vibes and music! thought u may wanna check out a fellow british co2 cuttin’ gypsy..trying to help the forests and the beautiful critters :) xxx
    album:Forest Soul- album sampler:
    single: Orange Fox – animation:

  4. I must say that I really admire what you are doing. I don’t much care for your style of music, but I can see that you are good musicians in that style, and that my not liking is is MY problem, not yours.

    I was recently surfing and saw this: and I got an idea. Put a platform on this and mount a pipe organ on it. Then connect the blower to the driver’s pedal so that as he pedaled, he’d provide air to the instrument. Either when moving–so that you could add organ to say a marching band, or with some sort of locking mechanism so that he could run the blower even when the contraption were stationary. What do you think?

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