The Melon y Laughter

The Melon y Laughter

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  1. Hello, Melon Y Laughter — I found you through FaceBook as I was searching for my long, lost friend Donna Stiegemeier…from Dallas, TX who moved to Grass Valley, CA. I wonder if you are but the same person?

  2. Licia,
    How did i loose you??? I love you so much and now it’s been twenty years!! We were in touch when i got here and then poof! I’m not sure which of us poofed first but if you sent mail to the mailbox i had in GV then, it could still reach me via a girl i sing with regularly since ’92. She perchance got my old P.O.Box when i moved away for a while. Ha! Something came for me in her box just last year.

    Now we are reconnected I’m leaving again, this time for 6 months to Europe with this group i have recorded with a few times on clarinet. Our tours are so amazing for me and the world. I’m glad i can keep up with you while i’m away. XOXOXXO Yours, Laughter

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