The Vibz Tour

Blessings and Greetings Fellow Folks…

Well there have been more than a ton of adventures untold yet fully savored by the pleasant revolution riders.. And I am here to give some savory morsels and share the blessings and fruits of our incredible journies…We began on Milly, the 11 of us arrived in Portland and it became 15, arrived in Seattle and are now a band of 17 and growing….

Oh gosh, this group is a moving motion of perfect flow and connectedness.. There is so much love, respect, consciousness, grace, power, strength and HIGH VIBZ within each of us and as a whole..   We celebrate that a group so large with so many strong individuals can merge, ride, travel, exist, be, pee in such harmony and positivity with one another.  Giving Thanks We Are, ALL DAY LONG! Have I mentioned that there are 100′s of Angels who have blessed us all along our journey…  Real human Angels who have showed up in the perfect time at the perfect place, just like clockwork!!!!

We began our journey in Eugene playing at an epic hotspring and indulging in good vibz and great community.. We stopped at the Mckenzie bridge area to spend time with Ma Lia and play pedal powered music for a rafting companies bbq.  Bear Dyken, Terry, Jared, Thomas, Micheal, Kern, Kipchoge, Laughter, Luchia, Cara, and Mikhel all enjoyed pickin blueberries for 10 minutes which equaled 10 lbs!! Yes!

Ma Lia, Ninja Kipchoges mother, hosted us where Kipchoge grew from a boy into the King of Rainbows and a Stellar Ginger Ninja…  It was warm and sweet with all the musicians gathering around a campfire out in the woods, playing music, feeling irie and sharing da kine food and tea!!!

Then we forwarded to Portland for our 1st all day bicycle music festival!!!!  It was so Incredible!  On the way, Cara and Mikhel spoke about manifesting food donations in the form of organic produce and or pre made foods.. We agreed to seek it out as soon as we arrived to the festival.. Well, we arrived and Cara had only to step out of the bus to receive 20-30 lbs of fresh organic produce, 12 fresh loaves of bread, cooked quinoa and tomato sauce.  Mikhel and Cara did a jig and gave thanks for creations beauty!  Then the Kitchen Goddesses proceeded to create an incredible feast with whole foods and yummy tea.

We Picked up Grace T, Cello Joe, James Man, Heather from Stichcraft in Portland…  Awesome!!

Food and Tea creations are being made daily within the crew.. We are traveling with a stove and eattin and drinkin like kings and queens..

We left Milly and began our ride late in the evening in Portland, the majik 15!!  We found an epic place to camp, made a phat meal and bathed in the creek.  We awoke to a beautiful day and continued forth.  If i could tell you all the majik moments, this blog would never end, so many so many!!!

We rode and rode and rode until we got out of the city and on to the most beautiful rural route where Mt. St. Helen was our view and blackberries, plums, Asian pears, apples, sweet corn and great music was our feast all day.. for free… riding and willingness, courage and devotion is all that is needed… plus the grace of the most high!!! True!!!  We rode until we got to Green Mountain!!! Oh my God!  It was huge… Like 1500ft. or so with a fuckin steady and steep incline.  We all made it, ridin in 103 degree weather.  I believe we had at least 10 people stop to offer us water and sometimes ice.  We got told we were crazy and chose the hottest day in summer history to ride the biggest mountain (i’ve ever bicycled…Mikhel here, writress of this blog!) It was full power and all of us made it!!!!

We continued on and ended up in a lil town to eat dinner and figure out where we would be laying down to rest our exhausted yet elated beings…  We look like a circus!  We look like a bike gang, yet instead of harleys, loaded xtracylces…15 bikes loaded with anywhere from 100-250 lbs, without a person on it, all together parked takin up a good amount of space..  Well that’s when Mother Teresa stepped in, a local from the town.  She asked us where we were going to sleep and then proceeded to invite us all to come stay in her home.  She offered us showers, food, jacuzzi, love and total acceptance.  Luckily all of us Ninjas have Angel vision and recognized her immediately.. We said YEAH!!!  And so it was!!!

Ok ya’ll there’s a bit of an update.. I need to go now and will update ya’ll to the present moment soon come.  I’ll write again later..  For we still have Seattle to share about! The crew is now in motion to Vancouver..

Blessed Love!!!

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