Shrimpfest 3

The 3rd somewhat almost I sure wish it was annual Shrimpfest* is right around the bend and this one promises to be the shrimpin’est yet.

Off road, off grid, off radar, and off the hizzuki, we venture down into the magical granite canyon for hours of soul love music and a big freaky campout.

This event, like the river itself, is free and open to the secretive public, but is not publicly advertised.

These acts will be shrimping:

Grace T • Bear Dyken • The Ginger Ninjas
Obo Martin
Bodhi Busick • Catherine Scholz • Moss
Ruby Turple
The Bata Drum crew
And more surprises…

Followed by a late night open mic. Signup at 6:15.
Followed by a late late open jam.

Meet: at Mother Truckers at 3pm with your bike for a soul cycle odyssey to the river, OR

Meet: at the Nevada Theater at 3pm to ride to the river from the south with the townstyle homies, or just show up at

Papa’s Beach, Purdon X’ing, South Yuba River at
5:30 pm
Saturday July 11th, 2009

: food, water, camping stuff
Arrive: preferably by foot or bicycle or wings. This is ‘sposed to be a true getaway from the crap festival and your experience of it will likely be as rich as your mode of transport is adventurous.

No thunder drumming please. Violators will be forcefed bacon and bonbons. Pack it in Pack it out, this means poop, too.

*hopefully, no actual shrimp will be consumed at shrimpfest, nor will any blowup shrimp appear. Shrimping, shrimp, to shrimp, shrimped, shrimpers, etc, are all bastardizations of the English language committed by the Afro-Parisian language manipulator Borrina Mapaka, and can be understood to generally mean super cool, except when used in the negative, which we aren’t here.

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