A video of the paseo nocturno, from our roots bike rebel hermanos at Bici 10

Arriving at night in Guadalajara we packed up and met our good friend Chava and started our first ride in Mexico for the 2009 tour. Since then we’ve been busy! The Ginger Ninjas first had an interview with the University of Guadalajara radio station. Next, there was a gig at a Hurana, a traditional party, where the men play and sing while the women dance. For many on the trip this was a new and really special experience with great people, music, and furious dancing. The Ninjas played at the Plaza Revolucion on Sunday, when the city of Guadalajara closes a major road for pedestrians and bikes in what they call the Via Recreativa. Another show later in the evening for a small cultural show in another plaza. Later, we headed to the Zocalo in front of the Catedral, set up the bike generators, and played till midnight. Other highlights of our stay in Guadalajara were a bike trip with the mayor of Guadalajara for the ceremonial opening of a new bike path in Guadalajara. The Ginger Ninjas also played at the bar The Bebotero, where many friends we met around town showed up. For me personally, the highlight of our stay in Guadalajara was the Paseo Nocturno, a mass bike ride throughout the city starting at midnight. A huge group of cyclist of all ages and types, organized by our friend Jorge, road through the city in the cool fresh air of a Guadalajara night. Headman Kipchoge also lead the “Soul Cycling” with the 12″ speaker hooked to a battery for some good jams. The good spirit, great company, smooth ride, and sheer amount of people was something unforgettable. After the ride we stopped in the park for another Ginger Ninjas show. The best about Guadalajara for me, and I believe all of us, were the people we met at every show who were super friendly, happy, and “bien chido.

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  1. sounds like a good time … im going 2 my moms hometown of guadalajara and gonna b looking 4 rides sum1 get me some info

  2. You guys freakin’ rule. 600 bicyclists all inspired by the Pleasant Revolution. Wow. Mind blowin’.

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