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Going ‘Green’ is a wild ride with the Ginger Ninjas as they launch world tour, by bicycle

For Immediate Release 1/1/09
Contact: Kipchoge Spencer,

Cycling Rockers Launch “Pleasant Revolution” World Tour
In 2007, the Ginger Ninjas became the first band in the history of rock and roll to tour by bicycle unsupported by automobile. On a 5000 mile odyssey to the pyramids of southern Mexico, called the Pleasant Revolution, they promoted transportation cycling while also exploring the frontiers of pedal-generated electricity, using their own bikes to power a hyper-efficient sound system. Originally conceived as a one-time adventure/statement/experiment, the band now on Leg 2 of a new world tour.

“Before the Mexico tour, I honestly didn’t know if what we were setting out to do was even physically possible,” says frontman Kipchoge Spencer. “A couple of months in, we realized that it wasn’t just possible, but there was something easy about the rhythm of it (despite the grueling uphills with 200 pound bikes), and the next logical thought was, ‘let’s tour the world this way.’”

Bicycle Powered Electricity

The Ginger Ninjas’ mobile human-power stage is the first of its kind in history. Coupling super efficient digital amplifiers, lightweight components, and generators attached to working bicycles (as opposed to purpose-built stationary bikes), the system allows a band to play off-grid anywhere, wall outlet or no, and to also carry the system to a gig on the same bicycles (Xtracycle sport utility bicycles, a company co-founded by Spencer). This enables a new kind of completely self-sufficient bicycle touring, sans automobile support. On the band’s most recent tour, the system and touring style enabled them to avoid generating close to 60,000 pounds of CO2, or 95% of what a similar sized band creates in a similar tour.

About the Ginger Ninjas

The band’s lead vocalists, Eco Lopez and Spencer, met on a piano bench. They played a 30 minute song together, a transcendent gospel arrangement that made them both tremble. The Ginger Ninjas became their musical love story. Listening to either alone, you hear a fully formed solo artist. But together, they blend as only those who’ve found their muse can, creating something bigger than its parts. With their jazz-trained band, or as a duo, they skip through genres, from folk punk to folk funk to Latin ballads, simple ska, and fantasy American bluegrass, he with the grabby rhythms and brainy rhymes, she with the clean melodies (in Spanish, English, and French) and heart-melting voice.

They call their style “mind shaking love groove folk funk roots rock explosive international pedal powered mountain music for a pleasant revolution.”

Tour Schedule

The Ginger Ninjas and supporting act, Crystal Stafford (indie-electro-folk), completed the first leg of their world tour in August, September and October, hitting the Democratic Convention before cycling around the East Coast. The crew will now pedal/play from Mexico to Panama over the Winter, and then tour in Europe in the Summer of 2009.

Catch the Film

A feature film of the first tour is expected in 2009 from the award-winning Argentine director Sergio Morkin, and his crew will film the current tour as well.

“One of the best concerts of my life.” - Arturo Garcia, Meretrices Literary Review

“With each number the crowd got louder, larger and more appreciative. Between songs, a man wearing riding chaps and a Stetson came up and said that he never liked American rock music—until now. For the rest of the set people were practically fighting each other for the opportunity to pedal-power the band.” Stanford Magazine article about the Mexican tour

The Pleasant Revolution is a project of the Ginger Ninjas and Thunderhead Alliance for Biking and Walking.

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