Short sweet vid of mexico trip

We spent some fun and frustrating times putting this little 3-minute vid together. Let’s just say that after the 1000th edit, iMovie can get a little flaky. Dig.

4 comments to “Short sweet vid of mexico trip”

  1. This is an awesome video and I am so amazed by you guys.

  2. I am sooo looking fwd to catch you guys again here at gdl.

    I have the whole radio appeareance of you on this podcast site

    I’m staying in the bay area right now,i leave august thesecond ,and i was hoping to see you guys around,but i think you live way north dontyou?

  3. Awesome video! What an excellent thing to do!
    I’d love to see you guys play, but will have to settle for following your blog and hopefully getting a copy of the CD.

  4. Don’t see it. Doesn’t work. Am I supposed to cut and paste? You should explain.

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